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Inventory Into Cash

It's Hassle-Free with Automated System

Amazon Unfulfillable 

Don't Disposal Amazon Unfulfillable Inventory

Make Money with Remex Automated System

No Upfront charges, sign up in less than 1 minutes

Don't let Amazon dispose your unfulfillable inventory. REMEX can help you make cash again

What We Do

Remex is E-Commerce return management service provider for amazon sellers.

Customer returns and reverse logistics specialist for Amazon Sellercentral.

Returns & Reverse Logistics

We provide return management service for your eCommerce store. Get you return to Remex Warehouse, and manage it with automated system


Resell & Liquidation 

We sell your damaged, returned products from eCommerce store. We give you 70% of resale revenue, without any upfront cost. It's fully automated for Amazon sellers.


Repackage & Re-FBA Inventory

We provide repackage, relabel, and re-FBA inventory service for Amazon sellers. It's fully automated, and Hassle-Free. 


Return Data Analytics

Data is important for your smart eCommerce strategy. We provide return data analytics for your Amazon FBA. Analyze, make it better.


Resell Service

Resell your products as local business offline stores 

Storage fee
Inspection fee
Resell fee

30% of resell revenue

Repackage & Re-FBA Service

Re-Box, Re-Label, Inspection, and Re-FBA for you


Storage fee
Repackage fee
Re-FBA fee

REMEX Cover Your loses by Amazon Returns:
Fully Automated Return Resale & Re-Inventory Solution

REMEX will help sellers easily recover lost profits

REMEX will help your returns to be sellable again
While Amazon dispose them.

REMEX transforms Unfulfillable returns into sellable inventory through RESELL, REINVENTORY
options, ensuring sellers no longer incur losses by disposing of returns

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REMEX Management has been a game changer for our business as a global seller. Dealing with product returns used to be a headache, but now it's effortless thanks to REMEX's streamlined solution.

Alexa Young, Manager of DOORSKOREA

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